John Stirk

John Stirk

Returns to Windows to Sea on Martha’s Vineyard

May 3-5, 2019  ~ $395

The weekend will begin Friday evening at 7pm and will conclude Sunday at noon with 10 hours of class time.

About John

John has been teaching yoga for 39 years.  He graduated as an osteopath in 1983 at the College of Osteopaths in London where he subsequently lectured in Bio-Mechanics and Practical Osteopathy and was john- stirkmade a fellow of the college in 1995. The influence of R.D. Laing, with whom he ran mind/body workshops, B.K.S. Iyengar, Vanda Scaravelli with whom he had personal tuition for several years and J. Krisnamurti has confirmed his belief in finding it in and for oneself. Consequently, his style of teaching Yoga emphasises an inquiry into how one is during and after practice. His work aims to deepen, open and broaden the Yoga experience by inviting students to sink beneath existing knowledge and practical application, and draw out for themselves their deeper practitioner. John’s interest in the impediments to understanding, compassion and freedom from the self, informs his posture based work which attends to the physical while simultaneously questioning the nature of conditioning, habit and fear in their various guises.

Participants are invited to open up ways of being that include clarity, relaxed sensitivity, and a deep, flowing awareness of how they are on all levels.

John is the author of three books. His most recent published in 2015, “The Original Body,Primal Movement for Yoga Teachers.” He runs classes, workshops and residentials for yoga students and teachers, throughout the UK and internationally. He is based in London and East Sussex, UK.

An Excerpt from “The Original Body” ~ ‘Something Within’

Whatever form our chosen practices take, we subscribe to ’ something within’ that may appeal to our imagination or experience as an energy, a space or an intelligence. As we go into ourselves we may re-awaken a previous experience or reveal a new one. Deepening the experience enriches the quality of our perceptions.  We might see ourselves as physiological archaeologists moving deeply into our body/minds to reveal ancient properties. The deeper we go the more we refine the tools, lest we disturb the intelligence that lies beneath the soil of our conditioning. Beneath the anatomy, the techniques, the philosophy and the personal history may lay an enigmatic entity whose purpose is best served by remaining unknown. We can happily surf the spine, be taken by the breath and give ourselves up, secure in the knowledge that an unknown is there and that it might care!

About the Body Holiday on Martha’s Vineyard with John Stirk

Body Holiday participants are responsible for finding their own lodging. Lodging should be booked in advance and there is a wide selection of hotels, inns, B&B’s, and many choices of restaurants ranging from four star to take-out. A few offer discounts to holiday participants. Detailed travel information, ferry schedules, lodging suggestions will be provided upon request. Holidays include plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of the island – to stroll a landbank trail, schedule a massage or sit by the healing ocean waters. The workshop will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.

Payment due by March 1, 2019 ~ Make checks payable to:

Carol Nelson PO Box 2537 Tisbury, MA 02568-2537

If the workshop is full when I receive your check, your check will be returned and your name will be placed on a waiting list. Refunds will be given up to 2 weeks in advance of the workshop only if you find someone to fill your space.

For more information, please email Carol:  or call: 617-277-0999