Yoga on Martha’s Vineyard

A Unique & Creative Yoga Experience

yoga-on-marthas-vineyard-bks-iyengar-quoteDiscover a STRESS-FREE way of practicing yoga, where the connection between the EARTH and YOUR BODY becomes the central focus.

In an effortless dance of GRAVITY and BREATH, we awaken to the intelligence of the body. This is a CREATIVE Yoga approach to the classical yoga tradition. The emphasis is on understanding a way of practicing that applies to all positions and daily living.

In finding a comfortable way of being, the yoga is revealed.

Yoga is a psychosomatic therapy of ORDER, CARRIAGE, POISE AND MAINTENANCE. We are all subject to pain and discomfort at different times throughout our lives. 

The SIMPLE techniques of Yoga can bring about an awareness and understanding of the right posture necessary for a life of increased EASE, GRACE, and VITALITY.

Yoga is for EVERYONE, regardless of age, occupation, or physical condition. It is NON-COMPETETIVE and NON-FORCEFUL in nature and geared toward individual needs and development.Yoga is for anyone in good health who wants to maintain a practice of preventive care.

It can benefit anyone whose work requires long hours of sitting, standing or physical exertion; it is for dancers, musicians, artists and athletes; it is for anyone whose work involves healing; parents, therapists, teachers.

Delight in spiritual renewal.

Obtain release from the stresses of life.

Be a part of a unique Yoga experience on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.