Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of yoga do you teach and what is Creative Yoga?

A. Creative Yoga Studio was the name I chose for my yoga center when I opened it back in February of 1977. “Creative Yoga” is not a type or technique of yoga. After closing my studio, I decided to keep the name because I liked it and because yoga is a creative process continually challenging and evolving.

Q. I am a beginner yet I understand there are participants with much more experience, will I be able to keep up and why don’t you have spate classes for different skill levels?

A. More like worship than gymnastics, my approach is for everyone. Creative Yoga does not grade classes based on experience, difficulty or any other subjective measure. My style of teaching creates an environment where all students can work together regardless of experience.

Q. What if I feel that I really can’t do something or I’m feeling uncomfortable?

A. First, do no harm. Don’t do it or learn to adapt the position for your condition. The idea is to create a condition of comfort at all times.

Q. What if I need extra help?

A. I try to arrive a half-hour before the start of class. Feel free to come early so that I can help you in modifying your postures and developing your own practice. Private sessions are also available. After class is not a good time as there are activities scheduled in the rooms.

Q. Can I start in the middle of the term?

A. Yes. Students are encouraged to start anytime. You will not be “behind” your classmates. Students who enroll after the 3rd week will pay a pro-rated fee based on the number of weeks left in the session.

Q. Do I need to bring anything to class?

A. Yes. BYOM: Bring your own mat and any other yoga props that you may like to use in your own practice.

Q. What do I wear?

A. Soft, comfortable clothing and dress in layers. The yoga rooms tend to be cool.

Q. Do you offer Gift Certificates?

A. Gift Certificates are available in any denomination – full session, half session, 3 Classes, 1 Class or a Windows to Sea weekend on Martha’s Vineyard.

Q. What if there is a storm cancellation?

A. Call! (617)-277-0999. Notice will be left 3 hours before class time and if there is a parking ban in Brookline, classes are canceled.


Shambhala Center Doorbell Protocol:

The main door to the Shambhala Center is usually locked. Please ring the doorbell. The last person to be let in will go down to open the door for the next person. Please arrive on time so that your fellow classmates do not have to be disturbed at the start of class.